Soul Winners for Jesus Christ

non-denominational evangelistic association

The main focus of our hands-on ministry is working with the less fortunate.

Pastor Scott's Video Sermons

Deity of Christ - Part 1

Deity of Christ - Part 2 - Be of Good Cheer

Deity of Christ - Part 3 - Jesus Declared and Displayed

Deity of Christ - Part 4 - His Supremacy

Deity of Christ - Part 5 - He Has All Power

Deity of Christ - Part 6 - Our Eternal Salvation

Find Out What Pleases The Lord

The Doctrine of Transformation

Doctrine of Transformation - The Critical Process

Transformation What you set your mind on

You are Sanctified Once and Eternally

Gifts of the Godhead Introduction

The Crucified Christ

Your Sanctification is Glorious and for HIS Glory

The Divine Ministries of The Lord in Our Sanctification

Receiving the Lord's Sanctification in You

Gift of the Godhead Lesson 1 Ephesians 4

Gifts of the Godhead - Gift of Leadership

Gifts of the Godhead - Gift of Giving

Times of Evangelism: What we Need to Understand to be Well Prepared

The Sinless Christ, Man Learning from HIM how to Remain Victorious Through the Time of Temptations

The Giving of The Holy Spirit

The New Covenant Ministries of the Blessed Holy Spirit

Understanding the Reason Why the Holy Spirit is Given to the Born Again Believer

Powered by The Holy Spirit - The Foundational Character Qualities

Foundational Character Qualities 2

Foundational Character Qualities 3

Foundational Character Qualities 4

Foundational Character Qualities 5

The Holy Spirit Gives Power to be His Witnesses

The Holy Spirit Gives Power to Us to Walk in Foundational Godly Character

Redemption in Christ Introduction

Redemption's Sacrifice has Set Us Free from the Bondage of Sin

Redemption that Jesus Christ Purchased has Provided Liberty from the Bondage of the Sinful Nature

Christ's Redemption Sacrifice: he Gave it All and Expects All from Us

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Salvation Can Only be Found in Christ Alone

What is the Real Cost of Worry

Worry is Dangerous, What are the Spiritual Remedies

How does a Person Receive The Holy Spirit

What is our Duty unto The Blessed Holy Spirit?

If We Desire to be Holy Spirit Led, it Begins with a Heart that is AWE STRUCK

What is our Duty Towards The Holy Spirit in Light of the Mercy We Have Received?

Spiritual Remedies from Scripture to End the Sin of Worry

Doubt, Unbelief, and Lack of Trust all Contribute to Worry

Worry and its Consequences: Our Responses to Worry Really Matter

The Holy Spirit - Where is He Leading Us

Why do Men Die? How Shall We Live?

Crossing from Death into Life

From Dead to God to Alive in Christ to Welcome to Heaven the Abode of The Almighty God

The Provision of The Lord for the Judgment Seat of Christ

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