Soul Winners for Jesus Christ

non-denominational evangelistic association

The main focus of our hands-on ministry is working with the less fortunate.


God Calendar Plans one second after your last breath

Gods Calendar Plan after death part 2

Gods Calendar Plan after Death part 3

God Calendar plan after death part 4

God's Resource's to Overcome Discouragement - Tribulations

God's Way In Times of Trouble

His Power For Faithful Living So I Do

Knowing The Peace That Is Beyond Understanding

Living in the Power of HIS Resurrection

Our conscience, HIS will, Our Sanctification

Discouragement One Of Satan's Tools

Rapture - Second Comings

Sowing Edification Into The Body Of Christ Because
Of Revelation Of The Mystery Of Christ

Sowing Into the Heart of God For His Joy

Standing In The State Of Grace During Tribulations

Suppression of Our Conscience

The DNA Of A Believer Who Is Walking In The Gift
Of Discernment And Administration

The DNA of The Believer Walking in The Gift of Service

The DNA Of The Believer Who Is Walking With The Lord

The DNA of A Believer Who Is Walking With The Lord Part 2

The DNA Of The Believer Who Has The Gift Of Discernment Part 2

The DNA of the Person who has the Gift of Faith

The DNA Of The Person Who Has The Person Who Has The Gift Of Mercy

The DNA Of Someone Who Is Waking In His Or Her Gifting
And Gifts From The Holy Spirit

The Eternal Now

The Rewards of Choosing HIS Way

Timeless Principles For Faithful Living

Timeless Sure Disciplines for a Closer Walk with 1

Understanding the Fathers desires

Victory In Times Of Tribulations

We Are In HIM HE Is In Us

Worship well Seeing the Unseen

Walking And Living In The Encouragement That Comes From Christ

Walking And Working with HIM


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